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66Shaiya Server Game Guide! Empty 66Shaiya Server Game Guide!

Post by Cola on Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:51 am

Here is some of the answers to most of the questions Ive been getting lately...

1. Can you give me gear? ANSWER = NO
2. Where Drops good 168 armor? ANSWER = CT Bosses called, Khirahoss , Cryptic One, Cryptic The Immortal , Greendieta Angel.
3. Where drops 128 armors? ANSWER = Deinos The Dream, Nanatarious, Alcarian the flame, Paradalis, Ezlizabeth Eathory.
4. Where do +88 Ep5 gear drop for new to game? ANSWER = In desert.
5. How do I get to desert? ANSWER = Go threw the portal in Apulune that takes you to Kellousaul (light). Go threw the portal in Iris, that takes you to Gliter.
6. Where do all the CT Bosses spawn? ANSWER = Oblivions Island, D-Water relics, Cryptic Throne, and somtimes the admin will spawn for us.
7. How do I get to oblivion island? ANSWER = Go to bootleggary (auction house) then type /town OR /return and wait the 10seconds, then you will be teleported to oblivions island.
8. Is this guy hacking, I got his HP down to 0 and I still hitting him while he was alive and he did not die, is he hacking? ANSWER = NO, this is a common BUG found when a player takes alot of damage, and then uses a potion, which bugs the/your hp so you cannot see it.
11. What is the spawn time of CT Bosses? ANSWER = The spawn time of bosses are, Kimuraku, Greendieta Angel, both spawn every 12 hours. Deinos The Dream, Nanatarious, Khirahoss, Cryptic One, Elizabieth Eathory, Alcarian The Flame, Paradalis, Haruhion, Freezing Mirage, all spawn on a 6hour clock. Cryptic The Immortal spawns on a 24 hour clock.
12. Where can I get gold from? ANSWER = Relic Mobs that drop lv8 lapis, then you can NPC those for 500,000 GOLD EACH!!
13. Why cant I get into SkyCity? ANSWER= Nobody is exactly sure why this bug happens to certain people and not others but it has somthing to do with your game..
14. When are we getting ep4 or ep5 or ep6!? ANSWER= When admin decides to wake up. -.-
15. I got scammed of money, can you give me it back? ANSWER= NO, you have to watch your transactions wisely, because there are alot of scammers here..

cheers if you have any questions post in the game support section. cheers

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